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Client Testimonials

“We were involved in a serious head-on collision last week. It was a miracle that no one was seriously hurt, but my truck sustained some very bad damage to the front and side. I was concerned that the damage was too far gone to be repaired, but my uncle recommended I call Collision Clinic & Locksmith in Missouri City for an assessment of the auto body repair work necessary. I was very surprised when the quote came out at way under what I was expecting and we are incredibly pleased  with the results and the time they took to do the repairs.” Esteban Abelardo

“I own a small chain of bakeries in Missouri City and wanted to look at increasing the security across all of our sites. I would like to thank Collision Clinic & Locksmith for their help with devising a cost-effective security plan for my premises. I recommend them wholeheartedly to other small local business owners for excellent value for money.” Stanley Tisdale

“I was very distressed after returning home from a weekend away to find out that the back window of my house had been smashed and the house broken into. Thankfully no more damage was done and nothing irreplaceable had been taken. I had been meaning to replace the old wooden window frames with something more secure, and this was the perfect impetus to do it. Collision Clinic & Locksmith came up with some great intermediate solutions for security while I awaited the windows on order. True to their word, they arrived a week later to install the locks and a security alarm. I feel much more secure now, thank you!” Donna Purvis

“I dented my dad’s car while trying to park it outside of my apartment building two days ago and I wanted to get it sorted out as soon as possible. Collision Clinic & Locksmith did a great job and were so quick with it, I’m not even sure my Dad has noticed!” Sally Smith