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Protect Your Car Against burglars

We all know about that annoying car alarm sound that magically triggers in the middle of the night. Some burglar attempted to break into a vehicle, but if the car alarm was effective, then the chances are that the burglar failed. There is almost nothing more comforting than knowing that your vehicle is well-protected at all times. There are a lot of preventative security measures you can take to ensure that your car is always being watched. The majority of modern car alarm systems are much more sophisticated today. The main objective of a good car alarm is to quickly deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle, and even if they do succeed, they won’t be going far. Immobilizing your vehicle may be a very good suggestion, as smart keys can prevent thieves from easily jump starting your vehicle.

Here are a few security measures to show how you can keep your vehicle well-protected:

●     GPS Tracking System – A GPS tracking system is used to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle if it is missing. The great thing about GPS technology is that you can keep track of it from your own smartphone, as it can be extremely convenient for you as well. The module will alert you with a text message that your alarm has been tripped, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. This item is simply a must have for car owners.

●     Car Alarms & Remote Start – Almost every single car is equipped with a certain time of alarm, but you can always upgrade to a higher level. Keyless entry and security system protects your car and its contents with an impact sensor and more, and gives you the convenience of remote door locking. You can expand your protection even more by adding an optional sensor to the auxiliary input. Some features include, Ignition-activated door locks, carjacking protection, and automatic/last-door arming, help provide you with a good night’s sleep.

●     Immobilizers– Immobilizers have a radio frequency transmitter that goes on your keychain. The sensor that is in the dashboard or somewhere near the ignition detects the unique frequency of the transmitter in order to allow the car to run. The main purpose of the immobilizer is to simply cut the power to the starter by replacing the starter relay with one that is controlled by the immobilizer control circuit, if the key transmitter is not present.

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