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Missouri City Auto Body

Collision Clinic & Locksmith is like a hospital for your bruised and battered vehicles. Automobile accidents are a scary occurrence. Add to that the sometimes scary level of damage that accompanies them, the overall cost can be terrifying too!

That’s why you should trust us to deal with the debris and fallout of your automobile accident or collision. We are trained in accident and collision recovery and our auto body shop in Missouri City is highly experienced at performing restoration auto body work.

We also perform routine car maintenance tasks such as oil changes and wheel alignment whilst ensuring that your car’s exterior is repaired after your accident.

Auto Body Shop

Collision Clinic’s Auto Body Shop is run by car repair specialist mechanics who are trained in the field of collision recovery and vehicle repair after the unfortunate event of a crash collision or accident. Our automotive repair skills are exceptionally high and we have transformed some very badly damaged cars to their former glory.

Please bring your vehicle to us and allow us to give our special collision repair treatment to it for you. Our prices are extremely reasonable and we offer you a full price quotation before commencing service on your car.

Some of our available services include the following in Missouri City:

  • Auto Body Repair
  • Brake Servicing
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Oil Change
  • Car Painting
  • Car Engine Repair
  • Automotive Repair
  • Car Maintenance
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Smog Check